Henning Schweichel

Ensemble Freie Musik


sound performance: 2trichtern

Ensemble Freie Musik

link to a video and the ringtones
29/02/2012 Kleine Bühne im Kesselhaus / Alte Weberei / Gütersloh
Ensemble Freie Musik and Bernhard Wöstheinrich


In this performance we use material such as glass funnels, corks, feathers, salt and flour als sound objects. Some sounds are made audible with electronic devices, some will be left in their natural sound and volume. The journey will go from space-filling volume to small noises close to inaudibility.

We regard the sound performance as contribution for the study of the borders (or transitions) between sound/noise and music.

A video of a former performance can be found at YOUTUBE, please use the search string: 2trichtern.

2trichtern-vorher 2trichtern-aktion

Sound installation: 2trichtern

In a sound installation we will use similar materials as in the sound performance in combination with electonic devices. After the performance the installation will be extended by relicts from the performance.


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